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Dr. Davenport grew up in Spokane, Washington, and lived there until he went off to college. He received his bachelor’s degree in biology through Brigham Young University and married his wife Krystee in his senior year. From BYU, he entered medical school in Glendale, Arizona at Midwestern University. Dr. Davenport and his wife fell in love with the Phoenix area and the weather. During medical school, Dr. Davenport and his wife had 2 boys who are endless balls of energy.

After medical school, Dr. Davenport moved to Columbus Ohio, where he completed his anesthesia residency with Ohio University. During his year as the chief resident, he realized that even though anesthesia was fun and exciting; pain management was where he wanted to work. As a resident, he saw pain doctors change people’s lives, from daily pain and suffering to a happy functional life. Dr. Davenport completed an interventional pain fellowship back in the greater Phoenix area. His fellowship training allowed him to perform thousands of procedures, which taught him how to work efficiently and more importantly, what interventional therapies are helpful and cost-effective for patients.

After fellowship, Dr. Davenport held multiple jobs ranging from small private practice to large corporate models. While all the business models had their ups and downs, Dr. Davenport always wanted to open up his own practice. He built a practice that uses the most technologically advanced procedural options to treat pains of every type. He has also invested in several machines that can treat damaged tissue, like torn tendons or arthritic joints. These are non-invasive and can actually allow the body to heal itself. His goal is to help reduce pain and increase function in all his patients without the crutch of addicting narcotics.

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