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Orion Pain was started as an alternative to pain management as usual. Pain management practices give extremely high doses of opioids to patients, only to then turn around and discharge those same patients from the practice when new laws and guidelines are introduced.
We offer not only traditional therapies using steroids similar to cortisone, but we also offer regenerative medication— including platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The interventionists at Orion Pain use the most advanced and up-to-date procedures to treat your pain conditions so that you can be you again.

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We use advanced diagnostic tools similar to other companies, including MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, and nerve conduction tests. What makes us different is that we also have the unique privilege to work with ultrasound technicians who can give real-time and active imaging of the painful region. The ultrasound examination will often capture areas missed by an MRI or CT scan.
We offer the following interventional pain management techniques:

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At Orion Pain, our pain management specialist get you back to you again. We offer a variety of effective interventional pain management therapies administered by highly qualified medical doctors who care. We can effectively diagnose and treat your pain without resorting to more invasive treatments such as surgery. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today.
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