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Back pain can seriously disrupt your quality of life, but plenty of nonsurgical treatment options are available to you, including facet joint and medial branch blocks. The facet joints are in the spine between and behind the vertebrae, and they offer you better flexibility and movement. When these joints become inflamed or damaged, severe back pain results, especially when you bend or rotate your spine. At Orion Pain, we perform facet and medial branch blocks to diagnose whether your facet joint is the origin of your pain.

What Is a Facet & Medial Branch Block?

This diagnostic procedure works by injecting numbing medication into the medial nerves connected to the facet joints in the cervical, thoracic, or lumbar areas of the spine. If you have substantial pain, a facet and medial branch block can provide immediate and significant relief. An effective facet and medial branch block injection indicates the facet joint is the source of your back pain. Those who are ideal candidates are those who experience chronic back or neck pain from bending or twisting their spine.
Patients are monitored following their injections, before they can leave our pain management clinic. They may also be asked to perform specific movements to record their pain levels, which can indicate whether the treatment was successful. Typically, pain relief is felt within a few hours of the procedure, but each individual has a different experience. Follow-up appointments may be necessary to discuss further treatment options.

We Can Diagnose & Alleviate Your Neck or Back Pain

Neck and back pain may originate in different areas of the spine, and it can be caused by any number of conditions. Our clinic can diagnose and treat your chronic neck or back pain with the medial branch block procedures to pinpoint the exact source of your pain.

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